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Lovers and fighters, ladies and gentlemen... welcome to Stories Imagined. This is where you can find information on books written and published by author H. L. Clifford.

Stories Imagined was created to have a voice in women's fiction. About an age group who are on their second wind and ready to take on the world how they see fit. The juggle and struggle of womanhood, sexuality, motherhood and coming back to self. These stories are written with liberation in mind. 

There is something for every adult to enjoy or take away from.

"A Writer's Thoughts". I will add a new post in this section each Friday until I figure out the email situation. :) After that, I will send out emails to whoever wants to keep reading "A Writer's Thoughts" (sometimes thought provoking and sometimes even sexy).

In a few weeks you will be able to purchase books on this site. Until then, you can find them on Amazon - Just click on the 'Get in Touch' link below.

Please take a look around and if there are any questions or comments, drop us a note at the very bottom of this site. Be sure to look into the instagram and facebook buttons too. Mahalo! 


The Books

Titles to Remember

Doing It the Left Way

H. L. Clifford

A solo, 10-day vacation in southern Italy. What could be better for a newly divorced mother of two? Nothing!

Mila couldn't be more excited! With her first trip to Europe and the first time away from her children, she's ready to jump start her new life.

Gorgeous Italian scenery, the excitement of experiencing a new country, and the promises from a beautiful Italian man. Mila is set... for everything.

Hot sunny days turn into steamy nights on the Amalfi Coast and Mila learns to maneuver through it all.

But men and the world... have they changed or has she?

Doing It the Right Way

H. L. Clifford

Coming in fall 2021


Meet The Author


H. L. Clifford

Contemporary Women's Fiction

Meet Heather.
A mother of two amazing kids, happily divorced and realizing her dream of being a writer.
Naturally an introvert, she was extremely shy. But, with that solitude, she relaxed into her imagination and wrote stories for her mom.
At age 16, in Alaska, and again at age 23, in Hawai'i, Heather forced herself in front of people by the way of local modeling. But she never got over being shy.
Today, she has found her voice in writing. As well as working towards another dream - living with her children in other parts of the world... one book at a time.


"If you want it bad enough, you can make anything happen."


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