About Me - 12.04.2020

"Let go... to save your sanity." This is something I have had to do this week. So, I thought this is the perfect time to fully introduce myself. Aloha! Ciao! Bonjour! Hallo! Hola! Hello! My name is Heather and I am a 46 year old single mother of two. Some people say I don't look my age and I do believe I don't act my age... which I suppose is irrelevant today. I have two older brothers, two sister in-laws, two nephews, three nieces and four god-children. Let's start at the beginning, shall we? Early years, I was raised in church in Alaska, from the young and impressionable age of five. Extremely shy, but also, angry about said shyness. Just to be more confusing, I was tremendously opinionated to those that really knew me. I wrote stories as squiggle marks on little pieces of paper for my mom while sitting in the second to front church pew. One of my first stories I remember writing, with actual words, was about a unicorn in the forest. Oh my goodness was I into unicorns! Years dripped by like an IV. I had friends that came and went with the wind. My parents moved the family back and forth from Alaska to Hawai'i four times from ages 12-15, almost 16. That was quite the internal cluster for an extremely shy introvert. Teenager! Not much changed other than my anger growing at not fitting in and so I forced myself into modeling to try and change. It didn't work. I did however, make bad choices in men which spilled over into adulthood. After high school, I worked for an airlines, which allotted me a trip with my mom on a mother's day to Puerto Vallarta. That's still one of the best vacations I have ever had. Back in Hawai'i at age 23, I was planning on moving here by myself. But my parents moved to Kona first. It was actually nice to not be here alone. My parents divorced and I continued with my bad choices in men. My mom and I were involved with a local modeling agency and I was hired to be in a German music video. It was by far my biggest modeling accomplishment (you can find it on youtube: "sash la primavera" -hint- I'm the one in yellow :). The modeling career was short lived, not only because I am literally short, but at 27 I saw cellulite on my butt. I found out soon after, I was pregnant. To the flipping moon! I was thrilled to have my baby girl. At age eighteen, I was told by a "specialist", it would be near impossible for me to have children. Well, I had my baby boy three years after my daughter. Unfortunate (stupid) choices. (I call it how it is... especially when it's about myself.) I stayed with my children's father for 17 years. I will just say, divorcing him was the best decision I've ever made... I just wish I had made it sooner. So much wasted time. Time equals life. With a new look on my new life with my two little miracles, I have discovered I love goals, moving forward and learning. My daughter is an unbelievable and compassionate person. My son is so full of energy and happiness. Even with his special need's frustrations I know he feels, he makes everyone that meets him, smile and love life a little more. I have figured out how to balance my own self care and raise happy children. For me, the balance is extremely important. I have traveled by myself to southern Italy three times, Paris France once and Quebec City four times and I have just gotten started. The goal. To help my daughter on her latest journey to adulthood and for me to stop working as a night auditor. Instead, I hope to work remotely one day soon. This way I can travel with my son and show him the world I have fallen in love with. I started Stories Imagined as a home for my book and the books I intend to release from my mind as quickly as I possibly can. The stories I write will all have a lot of truth, but still mixed with fiction. I hope you all will enjoy reading them. Please trust that you can do anything you set your mind to. If I can do it... anyone can! Really, really. One last thing, if you have any questions or comments about any of these "writer's thoughts", please feel free to send an email at the bottom. Okay! That's it until next Friday.

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