Bar scene Pt. 1 from "Doing It the Right Way" - 11.13.2020

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

(today will be a rough draft. A small part of the book I'm currently working on. 'Doing It the Right Way')

The lights are dimmed in this perfect little bar. It's 18:26 here in Napoli and I am, again, waiting on a man. It's not a big deal, since he worked today. But I know he gets off of work every day at 17:00. I am on my second glass of Cabernet. The live band will be playing, hopefully, long after I leave to meet with Francesco. My phone lights up and I quickly look down at it with high hopes. It's not him. My girlfriend from home is asking how my night is going. I open my phone then close it again. I can't answer her right now. I'm trying my best to be calm and not let the building irritation of questions in my head take over my mood. "Relax, Mila," I mutter and take another sip of my wine. Sitting at a little wooden table in a sexy, short, black and white dress that shows off my legs, plunges down in front to show off my twin assets and wearing black, strappy heels, I can see the whole room. The long bar far in front of me, the entry is just to the right, and on my left is the band with a few couples dancing in front of them. The rest of the medium size room has perfectly spaced, wooden tables. Like the one I am sitting at. The bar and all of the tables are full with people. Looks like a good night for this place. At least it's a good night for someone. I shake the negative thought from the front of my mind and notice I'm on my last sip. One more glass and I will message Francesco. My chair makes a dull squeak as I push back to stand up. "Buonasera. Come stai?" I stop halfway through standing. I cut my eyes up to see a handsome Italian man in front of my table with a glass of wine in each hand. "Buonasera," I reply. "Bene, grazie." He smiles and then says so much in Italian that I can't even grasp one word I might, possibly, understand. A huge embarrassed smile takes over my face. "I am sorry. I don't know Italian. That was one of the few things I understand." "No problem. You just look like you are from here. I know English very well." He smiles and motions one of the glasses towards my chair. "Please, sit. I have brought you a fresh glass of the wine you are drinking." (I will stop here and finish this scene with next Friday's post:)

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