How it Began 01.07.2022

Ugh. I'm not use to working early mornings. Clock in. Say hi to the hand full of coworkers all feeling the same drudgery of missed opportunities somewhere in our past that brought us here today. Oh right, don't forget to grab a key out of the key machine and not drop the arm full of random things I felt I needed for this new job. My finger print, a touchscreen of options, and voila, the light blinks green and the chime sounds for the key door. Pull the specific lit up key, close the door and now... a radio. Yes, a 180 degree turn and I will be facing the security window where my temperature is checked and a radio handed. A mindless pivot of my right foot, my body in tow, a normal twist of... wait. Who was that? With a blur of faces as I turned, one stood out. Damnit. I took a second glance.

Facing forward, toward the security window, cringing now at making an unlawful second eye contact with the shockingly handsome new face in the crowded hallway, I can't believe I did that. Never, never turn for a second glance unless you're ready to talk.

A step forward and another person checks their forehead and moves to the side. One more step forward and I can feel he's behind me.

"Hi. Are you new?"

One week later. I wasn't expecting to find someone so quickly after moving here. A stroke of the mascara wand, a pinch of the curler, and my eyelashes are perfect. Time to go on my first date with Mr. Handsome from work.

Nervous and sassy. Yes, this mix of feelings makes for an interesting date for him I'm sure. A thirty minute ride in his very nice and very clean car and we arrive at the restaurant he picked out. Sushi. I ask him to order for us, explaining that I love to try new things. What I don't explain is that I also love to not make decisions all day every day. If there is a moment that I don't have to make a small, inconsequential decision - I'll take it. All I do is make decisions as a single mom.

A few interjections of what I don't like to eat and we have our first meal together. Delicious. The food and the man. After dinner the date turns into a movie I would sit at home watching with my dark chocolate and wine. Stark white powder sand cool beneath my bare feet with the ocean gently and slowly lapping. He holds my hand. It's a perfect fit and feels comfortable. The moon is full and high between the tall, colorful buildings on the strip in the near distance.

From one end of the beach and now on our way back to the other. When will he kiss me? We talk about everything and nothing. Surface talk that bends a little deeper. A giggle here, a misstep with a slight body touch there, and I don't know what other hints I can give that will have him lean down and touch my lips with his.

"I wouldn't say no to a kiss," I finally say.



He smiles, his hand on my lower back pulls me into him. Our bodies press together and I feel his warm breath on my mouth, his soft lips and then his tongue with mine. I melt into him. Touching, kissing, wanting more.

And more... is exactly what it becomes.

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