Meant to be - 11.27.2020

Almost daily I hear someone say, "It was meant to be". Or, "It all happens for a reason". I am not completely sold on this idea of the cosmos controlling every step I take. Now, don't get me wrong, growing up in a Pentecostal household, I obviously can't help but believe in a higher power. But that is a deeper conversation we can have over coffee one day. Some things I do contribute to 'the cosmos', but perhaps I use this as an excuse. There has to be some thought process, some contemplation of yes or no before you make a decision. Let's say, for instance, there is a little girl and a little boy. At ages 6 or 7 they are friends. Innocent and real first feelings of like and want are immediate but nothing transpires. Life moves forward. The boy and girl lose track of each other. They have loves, families, their own children they respectively nurture and watch grow. The girl and boy think of each other from time to time, but those thoughts are always interrupted by the lives they are living. One day, their paths again cross. How unbelievably wonderful they feel to have an undeniable connection from the childhood they both remember. But one is busy in their life and the other is free. Again, to remain apart. Now, would you say that it is the cosmos or higher power at work? If they do not act on the moment, will they meet again? Are they doomed to always wonder? To keep slipping through each other's lives like fog through their fingers? Perhaps, there are only so many times Gaia will intervene. A fleeting moment of hope... a second of maybe... and it is ripped away again. One day would they say, "That was suppose to happen"... "It was meant to be"? But yet, the pull is so strong. Is it the want of the mind that brings them at the brink of together? Or, is it the something else that is bigger than them both? One of the endless wonders of this life. I think, actually, I am beginning to understand. It is so much easier to just say, "It all happens for a reason".

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