That Feeling - 10.30.2020

That feeling. An immediate, unexpected attraction you cannot deny. The undefined pull that is as strong as the moon is to the tides. Why can I not stop thinking about him? One meeting, just one, and my mind was scrambled. Scrambling. Falling in all directions to grasp at an answer. What is it about him? Why do I feel like I'm floating and sinking at the same time? A message, a silent video... makes my face light, and smile. Any part of a complex day melts away and becomes anew. Refreshed from knowing he's thinking of me... still. The innocence, want, and pure joy at seeing his face. The look in his eyes. It divulges a universe more than any actual words could ever convey. But hearing his voice. Deep and concise. Stimulating the mind to imagine places my body yearns to follow. That feeling. Is now gone. The unanswered questions of change. Euphoria becomes emptiness. Fighting the overstimulating urge to ask... why? Though why never really matters. All that matters is that feeling is gone. Vanished like it never was. I miss it. But hope. Hope is what I live on and is the oasis of promise. Promise of that feeling being felt again. Somewhere, someday... with someone... who will stay.

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