The Dragonfly - 02.27.2021

She stands at the water's edge.

Looking down at her own reflection, it is still and perfect.

The glow of the sun, in it's golden hour, lights up her auburn hair as she begins to get lost in the tranquility of this moment.

How is she who she is in this vast universe and endless time? It is only her own thoughts she can hear and no one else's. Who is she? Why is she?

A blue, purple and green iridescent dragonfly hovers still, just above the water. Suddenly, it touches down in the middle of the woman's reflection, then speeds away.

Where the dragonfly touched, the woman watches as the tiny ripples grow bigger, and spread.

When the water is calm, she understands.

One encounter, a chance meeting, having a child, a friendship, a conversation, even a kind word, a helpful gesture; they are all the dragonfly's touch on water.

A seemingly minute and normal action will create reaction.

Who she is, what she chooses in life, and what she touches... will ripple.

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