The Week Boyfriend - 01.05.2021

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

The sky is spotty. Littered with little dark clouds playing hide and seek with the light of the sun. It could start raining any second now. A not tall, but not short, thin woman with long black hair looks up to asses the day's weather. She shrugs her shoulders just enough for only herself to know and slips into the wooden chair at the outside café.

A young, handsome waiter watches the woman carefully and gracefully slide her long legs underneath the table, simultaneously crossing one over the other. He wipes the corners of his mouth, almost as if he were drooling, smooths his hair back, and walks to the side of her table.

"Good morning. What could I bring you today?"

The woman can feel his thoughts. She has been single for quite some time and has been making a personal study of how all of this man/woman thing works.

"Good morning. Thank you, just an espresso for right now please."

The waiter smiles and takes his leave.

She watches him disappear into the café while she brushes a part of her bangs away from her eyes and tucks the left side of her long hair behind her ear.

Men. One moment, she thinks she understands them, then the next moment... complete chaos in her brain trying to make heads or tails of their actions.

The woman reaches up and makes sure her earrings are still there. They have a tendency to want to leave. Just like some men do. Well, that's not really fair. The men she meets, as of late, are visitors. In town for only a week or two.

Most of her friends use social apps to meet men and get laid. In, out... done. Maybe that's what she's supposed to be doing.

The waiter comes back and scoots a little cup and saucer onto the table.

"Here you go. Is there anything else I could get you?" He looks hopeful.

"No, thank you. This is perfect. But I am expecting company. So, if you could check on me in a bit?" She smiles up at him.

"Oh yes, of course."

"Thank you, that would be wonderful."

The young man smiles and leaves again.

Back to the thoughts at hand. She sips her very hot espresso and recalls the man she most recently met. The woman wonders if he had planned on spending his last vacation week with just one person. And this is what she does... if there is no connection on the first meeting, then there is no continuation. But, if the connection is strong and easy, then she doesn't see the need in looking for another. Is it wrong that she wants to feel something more? The beginnings of relationships are the best, aren't they? The brush of fingertips when reaching for the same napkin, the long looks and easy laughs. Getting to know them and them getting to know you. But the best... the best is the first kiss.

The woman's body shudders a little to shake the memory of that feeling away. He had become her week boyfriend. In town for seven last days. She wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. They went out and she enjoyed dressing up; he would always compliment her and it would always make her smile. He would hold her hand everywhere, wrap himself around her from behind, or walk down the street with his arm resting on her waist. Always touching. Always kissing. Always smiling. And always making her feel beautiful. One of the few days they had together, he asked her what she wants... what she wants in a relationship. The woman still wonders why he asked that question. She didn't answer him at first, even told him it didn't matter what she wants. He insisted. Everything, she told him; she wants it all.

The two lovers had amazing sex. There were hours of enjoyment in everything they did together.

And then the week was up. One last rush of milking each minute for what it could be worth.

She sips the last of her espresso, her hair falls from behind her ear, and she switches to her left leg over her right. A tall, tanned man around 34 walks up to her table and smiles.


"Hi. Yes. Gabriel?" She smiles.

"Yes. It's a nice place you picked to meet," he says bending down to kiss her cheek.

"Yes, I love this little café. Please, join me."

The waiter is quickly at the table, takes their order and disappears back into the café. The woman starts the small talk, but last week's boyfriend still lingers. She secretly wonders if the men ever mean what they do. The clouds can hold no more and the woman giggles as the rain pours down. Gabriel puts his arm around her... and they dash together into the café.


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