Time - 04.03.2021

Amelia stands on the end of the cliff looking out towards the endless sea. This is were she feels she is at the edge of earth, and the place where she can think clearly with no interruptions. Time is what has been on her mind as of late.

Time. Completely irrelevant when you are young... vaguely noticeable in your thirties... but suddenly, becomes severely frantic in your forties.

What has she accomplished? What does she still need to accomplish? So much time wasted. Wasted with the wrong men, the wrong jobs, and giving people more time than she gave herself.

But, now she is here. Her eyes are open and she has learned enough of what NOT to do. It is time to move forward; at a faster pace of course. But, so be it. Better late than never.

The anxiety of mortality creeps into her thoughts daily and standing at the edge of today is no exception. Three years. She has set a goal of three years to be where she wants to be. To have the life she should have been working towards when she had all the time in the world. Now, her body just needs to cooperate.

The sun sets in a brilliant display with the golden hour and a green flash as it falls beyond the horizon. For the next 10 minutes the sky serenades Amelia with hues of yellow, to light orange, with lines of pink and red. The tiny, whispy clouds scattered in front of and above her turn various shades of purple and dark blue. She has never seen such a display.

Yes. A smile crosses Amelia's face. Now is the time. Push forward, and it will be on her side.

- End

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