Tick - 07.04.2021

Time ticks.

Life is a mystery, a challenge, a puzzle to be solved, a journey to explore.

We travel. Meeting amazing people along the way. These people become friends and travels then become reunions.

Time ticks more.

Certain aspects in life become routine and time fades from the conscience.

Work, children, pets... it is all natural and needful in life, but time starts to blur.

Time keeps ticking.

Friends move, jobs change, family separates, some things we love come to a sudden end.

Time seems to stand still for a moment.

Realization that half of your life is gone.

Time still ticks.

Take inventory of what you have accomplished, the people you love and have loved, the ones who love you and have loved you. Do the things you always dreamed of, visit the friends in far places and learn all that you can.

Enjoy life.

Time continues to tick and waits for no one.

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