Who Among You - 08.08.2021

Who among you longs for love?

Not just any love, but a love that stands the test of time. A love that electrifies you from the moment you awake until the moment your eyes flutter asleep. A trusting, never wavering, never questioning... love. Is there such a thing? The hopeless romantic hidden deep inside of me believes so. But what of reality? The things that are shown in contrast of what is said.

I have been told that I am too old for real love. Is that a thing? Did my so called friend tell me this to save my heart time? Is it better to be calloused to love... especially at my "old age"? Or is this coming from a younger man that, just like the others, took me out of the box to play with, but ultimately, not to keep?

I wonder when it is they realize they compare every younger woman after me, to me?

And so, the carousel of life and love continues to play the music as it spins around and around. The people may change, but there are only so many songs that play.

So, my dear friends, choose wisely when you are young. Know what you want and the time frame in which to grasp it. Be careful to not step on another's heart and appreciate any true love you find in this fantastically interesting world of ours.

I do not have an answer for real love. If one day I happen to find it, I will share my story. I will shout at the top of my lungs to never give up hope. For without hope, the possibility is never.

So, who among you longs for love?

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