Worth It - 12.18.2020

To be told I would never have you... and then to hold you...

Cloud nine to sleepless nights to morphing body parts to side road puking.

Keeping my stretching skin soft, so as to not break. Smiling, talking and singing as I do.

Back pain, heartburn, to know what every bathroom looks like.

Nothing fits anymore... not even a door.

A walking incubator. What is sexy?

More incredible pain. One for 36 hours... another - crucified on a sterile table, cut open and stitched back together.

Joy, relief, elation, exhaustion.

Poopy smiles, black goo, more sleepless nights, milk puke down my back and between my breasts.

Keep you safe and healthy. Worry. Stress.

Cuddles, laughter, smiles, words, learning, teaching and proud moments.

Warm, perfect little hands and feet. Walking and new personalities.

Big eyes of wonder. Minds waiting to be filled.

Growing, needing and being.

"I love you forever."

"I love you too, forever mama."

Worth it all.

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